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Still Spirits T500 Botanical Basket

Create vapour-infused spirits such as gin or infuse water with botanicals by attaching the Botanical Basket to the Still Spirits T500 Alembic Dome* and Condenser* to add vapour infusion capability to the G30 Brewing System as a pot still.

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All Grain Brewing

Create vapour infused spirits such as gin with your G30 Brewing System. Place your botanical ingredients into the botanical basket and screw the basket onto the Still Spirits Alembic Dome* and Condenser* and distill.

*Sold separately.

The vapour will pass through the botanical basket, coming into contact with the contents to infuse your spirit or water.

You can use the Botanical Basket to experiment with a variety of botanicals to create unique flavour infusions.

Legal Considerations: Distilling at home is legal in New Zealand. Check the laws in your country or state before you get started.

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