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American Single Malt Whiskey

This Hard Mocha American Single Whiskey is packed full of chocolate and coffee notes, with a spicy and citrus undertone punching through. It ends with an earthy smokey taste that brings back childhood memories of sitting around a campfire.
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Historically the highlands of Scotland have been the world leaders in producing superb quality whiskies. Coupling the massive craft beer movement in the US with America’s rich history of making moonshine, has led to a new whiskey powerhouse emerging. The aried malt bill from this whiskey typifies the influence the craft brewing industry has had on American single malt whiskey. Expect to be blown away by the strong notes of toffee, chocolate and coffee coming through. Make whiskey with your Grainfather too! All you need is this kit and Pot Still Attachments to add to the top of your Grainfather.
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