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Mangrove Jack's Hop Pellets Green Bullet (100g)

A dual purpose / bittering hop with a spicy “dried fruit” character and solid finish (11-14 % AA).
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All Grain Brewing
Although a new variety in relative terms, Green Bullet delivers a very real, traditional bittering quality and hop flavour. A flagship within the New Zealand brewing industry, this hop has contributed to several International Brewing Industry Awards. Considered a bittering variety typically for lager, Green Bullet also carries a solid Styrian characteristic of subtle spiciness which finds it at home in a freshly drawn pint of bitter or an Irish style dry stout.
  • Maturity: Late season 
  • Yield: Moderate to Good 
  • Growth Habit: Late shooting, moderately vigorous, clavate frame 
  • Cone Structure: Long compact cones 
  • Disease Resistance: New Zealand is hop disease free 
  • Storage Stability: Good (New Zealand Grown)
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