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Mangrove Jack's Hop Pellets NZ Pacific Jade (100g)

A soft bittering / dual purpose hop with fresh citrus and complex spice characters (12-14%AA)
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All Grain Brewing
Pacific Jade is suited for use as a bittering hop. The citrus aroma and flavour notes work well to temper malt sweetness in "fullish" ales especially when used moderately as a finishing hop. Pacific Jade is also well suited to balance dryer lager styles when employed as an "up front" kettle addition to showcase its bittering qualities.
  • Maturity: Mid to late season 
  • Yield: Moderate 
  • Growth Habit: Vigorous spring growth 
  • Cone Structure: Long and dense 
  • Disease Resistance: New Zealand is hop disease free 
  • Storage Stability: Good (New Zealand Grown)
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