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Mangrove Jack's Hop Pellets NZ Motueka (100g)

An aroma hop with a distinctive fresh crushed citrus “Mojito” lime character (6-8% AA).
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All Grain Brewing
Motueka is a great aroma hop with lemon, lime and tropical fruit flavours. Some tinges of orange are evident as well. It has a high level of Farnesene typically around the 12% mark, however it has a moderate alpha acid of 6.5 - 7.5% so can be used as a dual hop to give a balanced bitterness. It can be used in many beer styles and goes very well with lagers and especially Bohemian pilsners. Also good with Belgian ales. A truly great all-rounder.
  • Maturity: Early Season 
  • Yield: Low to Medium
  • Growth Habit: Vigorous, columnar frame 
  • Cone Structure: Cylindrical, open, loose cones 
  • Disease Resistance: New Zealand is hop disease free 
  • Storage Stability: Good (New Zealand Grown)
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