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Mangrove Jack's Hop Pellets Taiheke (NZ Cascade) (100g)

Cascade was selected for its bright colour, tight compact cones and its original lychee aroma characters.
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All Grain Brewing
The hop that helped create the craft beer revolution in the US. Similar to the US grown hop in flavour, but some slight differences due to NZ agronomics and terriour impacting the final characteristics. It has a citrus character moving towards grapefruit. Great in combinations with very aromatic NZ hops like Motueka, Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin. An alpha acid content of 6-8% allows it to be used as a dual hop for bitterness as well as an aroma hop. Typically employed with new world pales ales, blonde ales and summer ales.
  • Maturity: Early Season 
  • Yield: Medium
  • Growth Habit: Vigorous 
  • Cone Structure: Cylindrical, open, loose cones 
  • Disease Resistance: New Zealand is hop disease free 
  • Storage Stability: Good (New Zealand Grown)
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