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G30 Support Ring & Retainer

A replacement support ring with support ring retainer for the G30 Brewing System.

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All Grain Brewing

A replacement support ring with support ring retainer for the G30. The retainer prevents the support ring and basket from falling into the boiler when the grain basket is moved, or not well secured on the support ring when in the raised (sparge) position. The support ring retainer prevents the ends of the support ring from moving toward each other. The retainer can be removed allowing the support ring to be removed during cleaning. Support ring must be removed when distilling on the G30.

NOTE: This product comes as standard with all new G30’s. However, if your G30 was purchased before January 2021 or doesn’t have a retainer, we highly recommended upgrading your support ring with the retainer included. Please ensure you discard your original support ring as this is not compatible with the new retainer.

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