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Distilling Lid T500 Alembic Condenser Attachment Kit

A complete set of fittings to connect the G40 & G70 Distilling Lid to the Still Spirits T500 Alembic Condenser* for pot distilling.

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All Grain Brewing

The ultimate bundle to pair with the T500 Alembic Condenser* allowing you to turn your G40 or G70 Brewing System into an all-in-one automated brewing system that can also be used for pot distillation. The bundle includes the G40 & G70 Distilling Lid plus the T500 Alembic Condenser Attachment Kit so you can brew high-quality beer and distil whiskey, bourbon, rum, and more.

*Note: Distilling Lid and T500 Alembic Condenser sold separately.

Disclaimer: Please note that in certain countries alcohol distillation and the possession of distilling equipment is illegal and permits/licenses may be required. For guidance or advice, contact your relevant local authorities.

  • 4” Tri-Clamp
  • 4” Tri-Clamp Seal
  • 4” to 2” Copper Alembic Helmet
  • 2” Tri-Clamp
  • 2” Tri-Clamp Seal
  • 2” to ½”(48mm) DN40 Thread Adapter
  • Condenser Silicone O-Ring
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Copper Helmet to Aid in Reduction of Sulphur Compounds and Retention and Development of Flavour
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