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GCA Glycol Chiller Adapter Kit

Connect almost any fermenter to the GCA for access to accurate temperature control during fermentation.



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All Grain Brewing

The Grainfather GCA makes accurate temperature control more accessible for brewers. Whether you have a plastic or stainless steel fermenter, bucket or barrel, or even a conical, the GCA has everything that you need to connect your fermenter to the GC4. Take control of your fermentation and create even better beers.


  • Compact design with colour display screen
  • Use the GCA to connect a variety of different fermenters to the GC4 for accurate temperature control during fermentation
  • Wireless capabilities, making it compatible with the Grainfather App so you can control your fermentation from anywhere
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


View the GCA Instructions online


  • Grainfather GCA
  • Heating pad
  • Cooling coil
  • Rubber bung
  • Temperature probe
  • 3 x 6.5ft insulated hoses
  • 3 x hose clamps
  • 5 x rubber bung stoppers
  • NOTE: GC4 and fermenter are not included


  • GCA: 4 x 2”
  • Heating pad: 3 x 9’’
  • Cooling coil: 20 x 5”


  • GCA: 6.5ft
  • Heating pad: 6.5ft
  • Temperature probe: 6.5ft


  • GCA: 12V
  • Heating pad: 30W


  • WiFi control
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